Holi snacks, Holi food, Gujiya
The beauty of Indian festival is that you have abundance of friends, relatives, music and food.
Now, for most of us, life has changes. We live away from our parents, have fast lives and have to work even a day before the festival. But that should not be an excuse for you or your kids to not enjoy a great Holi.
Thanks to the power of online retail, all those traditional food can be delivered to your doorsteps, at the click of a button.
Here are our top 10 recommendations of traditional food that will make your Holi special



These readymade mathri take the pain out of cooking. Just open the box to taste the traditional taste of festivals.

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2Mini Katli

An awesome item to serve and eat between the colors.

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This traditional sweet will make your Holi celebrations complete.

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4Gulab Jamun

This is sweetness and happiness packed in a tin container.

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For times when you need to serve your guests something to drink, may we recommend this Thandhai. This has the traditional taste of Thandai preserved and is much better than other cold drinks.

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6Pista Mawa Barfi

When you want some sweets on your platter.

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For those who want to taste the awesomeness of Bengal, may we recommend this amazing Rosogulla

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Another age old favorite Chakli is now available in ready to carry and eat packages.

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9Motichoor/Boondi Laddu

Whether you want it for your pooja or as a dish on your dining table, you can never go wrong with a laddu.

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And finally you can have Bhakarwadi, the taste of Maharashtra, to complete your servings for your guests and family members.

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Remember, you cannot have a happy time, if you do not see smiles on the faces of your loved ones, and good food is the easiest way to bring that smile and happy times.

Have an awesome Holi 🙂


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